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November 29, 2001     The Johnson Pioneer
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November 29, 2001

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ON, KS 67855 .THE JOHNSON PIONEER Thursday, Nov. 29, 2001 - Page 9 Place To rk Carr, President non International of a 5 part series '.ars Of Creating LAcceptability caine in its various lis derived from the fant which is native high mountain of South America. oca leaves were nat,ives of this re- ]_and acted upon the a stimulant. The llating effects of the tincrease breathing increases oxygen . This afforded na- borers of the region tamina to perform duties in the thin air at high altitudes. In time science figured out how to maximize the strength and effect of the drug contained in the Coca leaves. Through chemi- cally synthesizing the coca leayes the white crystal powder we have come to know as cocaine was created. As time passed newer methods to magnify the euphoric ef- fects of the drug were in- vented which has led us to the most potent and ad- dictive form of the drug, Crack. Crack cocaine is the most popularly used ver- sion of cocaine today. Smoking cocaine rocks began in the late 1970's. Rocking-up cocaine powder and smoking it was originally the method developed so dis- tributors of cocaine could test the purity of the drug before it was purchased from the manufacturers. Crack has destroyed mil- lions of lives since it was first introduced to the streets of America. Crack is a relatively new drug on the scene compared to drugs like opium or heroin; nonetheless, it has been part of our his- tory and cultui'e for nearly 150 years. -T-BE15009 iScale 9200 Tractor with Triples TBE15099 8410 Pedal Tractor Come In And Check Out Our New Supply Of Toys, Ornaments And Holiday Gift Ideas. my purchase over $20.00 will register you for a drawing of a t hn Deere Wet-Dry Vac to be given away December 19, 2001. Need not be present to win. Golden Rule, Inc. L & N Pump, Inc. 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Join a paper or Kansas Press 785- {ts 1-800-772-5933, Financially Stable Corn-2 7 1 - 5 3 0 4 , pany. ]n Cocaine's Roll In Ameri- can History_ Cocaine was first syn- thesized in 1855. It was not until 1880, however, that it's effects were rec- ognized by the medical world. The first recog- nized authority and advo- cate for this drug was world famous psycholo- gist, Sigmond Freud. Early in his career, Freud broadly promoted co- caine as a safe and use- ful tonic that could cure depression and sexual impotence. Cocaine got a further boost in, accept- ability when in 1886 John Pemberton included cocaine as the main in- gredient in his new soft drink, Coca Cola. It was cocaine's eupboric and energizing effects on the consumer that was mostly responsible for skyrocketing Coca Cola into its place as the most popular soft drink in his- tory. From the 1850's to the early 1900's, cocaine and opium laced elixirs, ton- ics and wines were broadly used by people of all social classes. This is a fact that is for the most part hidden in American history. The truth is that at this time there was a large drug culture effecting a broad sector of American soci- ety. Other famous people that promolcd the "mi- raculous" effects of co- caine elixirs were Tho- mas Edison and actress Sarah Bernhardt. Be- cause there were no re- strictions placed on ac- quiring these drugs in the early 1900's, narcotics were an acceptable way of life for a large number of people, many of whom were people of stature. Cocaine was a mainstay in the silent film indus- try. q'lac lm -drug mes- sages coming out of Hol- lywood at this time were receiving international attention which influ- enced the attitudes of millions of people about cocaine. As a rule, famous people are role models that can and do influence the masses. Star power has proven time and again Lo I~e lhe most po- tent furm of advertising. Think about it: The worlds most famous psychologist' the man that invented the light bulb; a stable of Holly- wood silent film stars; and the inventor or the most t opul:w soft drink in history--,ll on the pro-cocaine band wagon. All promoting the drug's positive effects. Some did it Ihrough personal testimonials that ran in printed across the nation. ()tllcrs (in par- ticular the silent film stars) promoted cocaine's acceptability through the examples they set by their wcl! publicized lifcsty les. In the same way as other narcotics like opium and heroin during this time, cocaine also began to l,,c used as an active ingredient in a wl- ricty of, "'cure all", ton- ics and beverages. In many of the tonics that drug companies were producing at this time, cocaine wt,nld be nlixed with opir, tes and admin- istered flccly to old and young al!k_g, It wasn't som a gtater that NO' wI F the dan- f these your large or small produc- ing oil interests only. No Shallow. Confidential. 1- 800-525-3332. Ask for 'Norton Sr. STEEL BUILDING8 FOR SALE ALL STEEL BUILDINGS. Factory di- rect. $200 to $500 below any bid or we'll send you a check for $200. 1-800-973- 3 3 6 6 Oil Changes Can Improve Performance Changing the oil and filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (or three months), as recom- mended by car and truck manufacturers, is inex- pensive maintenance that can increase performance and dependability, plus prolong the life of a ve- hicle. Mike Bradshaw, Safety Specialist, K-State Research and Extension drugs became apparent. In fact, it was the nega- tive side effects of ha- bitual cocaine use that was responsible for coin- ing the ph:ase, "dope fiend". This terminology came about because of the behavior of a person abusing cocaine longed periods of time. Because cocaine is such a powerf'd stinmlant pro- longed daily use of the drug creates severe sleep deprivation and loss of drug that they will dojust about anything to get more of it'? including murder. If the drug is not readily avaihtble, the de- pression one experiences in withdrawal can be- come so great the user will sometimes become suicidal. It is because of this heinous effect on the user that fl e word "fiend" became :Lssociated with cocaine : ddiction. Over the course of the next sexeral years the American majority be- came more and more aware of the dangers of cocaine. As the severity of this problem became more and more apparent, concern mounted tO an eventual pu hlic outcry to ban the social use of co= caine. This public pres- sure forced Pemberton to removed cocaine from Coca Cola in 1903. Even- tually the public pressure became so great as to place a national prohibi- tion on cocaine. The country's legislators took notice, and in 1920 co- caine was added to the list of narcotics to be out- lawed by the passing of The Dangerous Drug Act of 1920. Unfortunately, as with the opiates like heroin, the dangers of cocaine abuse were rec- ognized by lawmakers after the fact. The market for cocaine had already been established and was deeply entrenched into American history and culture and is with us to- day. Narconon is a drug rehabilitation and pre- vention program used by a worldwide network of nonprofit or charitable centers. Narconon Inter- national offers this series on "No Place to Hide: Drug Abuse in the Heart- land" to help co'ncemed citizens better understand the subject. There are drug rehabilitation cen- ters using the Narconon program worldwide. For further information call (303) 962-2404. Replace Wiper Blades Windshield wipers are designed to remove moisture. Using them to remove ice and other de- bris can damage wiper blades and reduce their appetite. A person might go days or sometimes -effectiveness. weeks without sleeping Replacing the blades or eating properly. The periodically, once a year, user often experiences psychotic behavior. They hallucinate and become illusionary. Coming down from the drug causes a severe state of depression t )r the person in withdrawal. This per- son can thetk become so desperate for more of the, ONE DAY ONLY! WEDNESDAY, Nov. 28th 11:00 a.m. = 6:00 Choosing And Caring For Your Christmas Tree I know this may be a bit early to be thinking about Christmas Tree selection; however, by the time you receive the next edition of our newsletter some may already have their entire house, decorated for the holiday season. I hope the following infor- mation helps your family select the perfect tree. If selecting a cut tree, watch for these signs that the tree is too far gone. - Needles are a dull, grayish-green color - Needles fail to ooze pitch when broken apart and squeezed - Needles feel stiff and brittle - Needles pull easily off tree Once you have your tree home, recut the trunk about one inch above the original cut. This will open up clogged water conducting tissues. Im- mediately place the trunk in warm water. Locate the tree in as cool a spot as possible. Avoid areas near fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, heat ducts and television sets as the heat will result in excess water loss. Make sure the reservoi) stays filled. If the reser- voir loses enough water that the bottom of the trunk is exposed, the trunk will need to be re- cut. Adding aspirins, cop- per pennies, soda pop, sugar and bleach to the water reservoir have not been shown to prolong the life of a tree. If you choose a living Christmas tree, be sure to dig the planting hole be- fore the ground freezes. Mulch the hole and back- fill soil to keep them from freezing. Live trees should not be kept inside for more than three days. Longer periods may cause them to lose dor- mancy resulting in severe injury when planted out- side. You may wish to tag the tree at the nursery and then pick it up a couple days before Christmas. After Christmas, move the tree to an unheated garage for several days to acclimatize it to outside temperatures. After planting, water well and leave some mulch in place to prevent the soil water from freezing and becoming unavailable for plant uptake. If Still Green, Dandelions Are Controllable If fescue and bluegrass lawns are still showing green, some broadleaf weeds will be green, too and vulnerable to con- trols. "This fall has provided unusually good growing conditions for cool- sea- son turfs, as well as for dandelions, henbit and chickweed," said Matt -Fagerness, Kansas State University horticulturist. Beyond that, severe conditions last summer thinned out many estab- lished turf stands, he said So, unless those lawns have received special care since then, they've actually been giving weeds more space to grow. Fortunately, spot treat- ments will kill or se-- verely damage broadleaf weeds until the plants go entirely dormant for win- ter. Hand digging can be an effective dandelion control any time. so long as none of the root is left in the soil. Lawn applications of broadleaf weed controls often can be effective in late fall, too, depending on how long the plants have to absorb a herbi- cide throughout their root system. "Just be sure to follow label directions exactly. For best results, don't mow for several days be- fore and after the appli- cation, either. Don't treat if rain is expected within 24 hours, and. of course, don't water for 24 hours after an applicatk C' ad- vised Fagerness. who is a tuffgrass specialist with K-State Research and Extension. Minimize Holiday Pressures if needed, is an easy and A willingness to com- relatively inexpensive promise can be as impor- way in which to improve tant as turkey and safety, said Mike mashed potatoes. In fact, Bradshaw, K-State Re- families who are willing search and Extension. to be flexible can reduce Remember also to stress and anxiety that scrape frost and/or ice often are part of the holi- from the side and back day season, said Char- windows, as well as the Iotte Shoup Olsen, K- windshield. State Research and Ex- tension family systems specialist. Compromise may call for adapting or updating some holiday traditions. But it doesn't have to mean discarding rituals family members value. A family gathering doesn't have to be perfect to be meaningful, either, It's the connecnon that counts getting together c~m reinl:orcc a sense of self and of belonging that can help each individual feel that they are valued, she said. A willingness to be flexible can take the pres- sure off, Olscn said. The art of giving men present~ is to give thent something whieh they cannot lmy for themseiv~; something whieh, without your cooperation, tl~y would never be able to possess. ---A.A. Aminals ,,, s.,,