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November 29, 2001     The Johnson Pioneer
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November 29, 2001

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Page 4 Thursday, Nov 29, 2001 THE JOHNSON PIONEER JOHNSO - . . , ,,- , ........ , ,, : . ...-.xcHNSON [ I: I I: I: I : I I : 12,,a' ~!1i ~K~lioUe~!yeCs: ; li~ilub iT iiii!~e ~:titv a r'ed ii:iii: a:t de i~i?i i; s s I iili J!!ladd'r" :" !(1~) K'SD Cl age Basketba " Wich 'a St at Ok a St'-'~" I' .... D strict "Cop Hunf' (S)News, Drew [ Paid Pro Paid Pr Rugrats,2t,.,, o~ , . Arthur dK " ~) KRMA Lawrence Welk: M lestones IMOy: Amazing Grace With Bill Moytrs (1990) It's A Merry Red Green Firesign Theatre "W ' nf'~JayJaY IE~::~r~hw an e,,~'etubbies d KSNG Baske,ba,, ,(:44 MOV: **'~Stripe. 1981.Comedy) BillMurray. SCC),News(CC)SaturdayNi~htLive(S (CC ,V.LP. " ..L. ~31 KUPK college Football: Big 12 Championship Game -- Teams to Be Announced. (Live) (CC) J News (CC) JSeinfeld JEntertainment Tonight~DI ~') USA i(6:00): Missing-Action IMOV: *** Mad MR= (1979) Me/Gibson (CC) JLaw and Order ' ]MOV: * Daath Wish 3 (t985) Cha~ ~) CNN CNN Presents (CC) [ Larry King Weekend Isp~ie, lPeople ]Capifal Gang (CC) ]Larry King Weekend ICNN Infe~ ESPN '(6:45) College Football: Auburn at Louisiana State. (Live) (CC) 1(:45) Sportscenter (CC) ICotle~e Gmday JSportsc~ WGN FreshPr. [NBA Besketball: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls. News(CC) IMOV:**'I,D,,t, Force=(1 O) ChuckNor, c~ TBS (6:00) : Fire Dwn Blw MOV: ***'/z Delivorsnce (1972) Burr Reynolds. (:15) MOV: ** Fire Down Balow (1997, Drama) |(12:15) :~1[I~, FAM Santa Claus Without Sanfa IJeok Frost Life of Santa Claus Iw, ou, Santa IPa,dP. ! WEEKDAYS NovEMBER 29-DECEMBER 51 i~ ' KBS0 ('~) KR~ Instruction JVaned cu; KSNG Days of Our Lives (~3; KUPK One Life to Live q) USA Movie Ivahed c3;~ CNN Amenca Strikes Back (.8~) ES~ Vaned Programs C~) WGN Elimidate 15th Wheel ~i~) T~S Movie (~ FAIl 3arfield IKlds 1 PMI 1:30, 2 PMI 2:303 PMI 3:30 4 PM I 4:305 PM 5:30 6 PM AS the World Turns Guiding Light Ananda Lew~s O ) ah W~nfrey News CBS News News 6:30 Friends Kitchen JBurt Wolf Family KIEcole Arthur !Va eO Prog an S Business Passions Edillon [qelt Truth Fam Feua Jeop~{dv! News NBC News:News Fortune General Hospital Rosie O'Donne!i Judge JtJdy Judge Judy News ARC NewsNews Enlertain Movie Ranger Var,ed Ranger Varied JAG Talkback Live America's New WarWolf Ftepotts Moneyitne Wolf Bhtzer JCrossfire Unscripted Jl~temJ.otion Spodsoenter Varied Programs 7th He,wen Full House IFam Mat. Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr. Full House IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr IFnends S Club 7 lTwo-Kind Varied Programs JChangeJStreet Cosby Cosby Cosby Faro Mat IAngela IZaok Files Addams B,g Wolf THURSDAY NOVEMBER 29 (.~) KBSD (~) KRMA @ KSNG C1~ KUPK (~ USA WGN 7 PMI 7:30 8 PMI 8:30, 9 PMI 9:30 10 PM 10:30 [11 PM 11:30 112 AM 12:30 Survwor: Africa (S) (CC) CSI: Cnme Scn Agency "Nocturne" (St News l(35) Late Show (N) (S) (:37) Late Late Show (S) Drew News-Lehrer Jimmy Durante: Schnoz, Mysteryl 'Touching Ewl" F~onthne (S} (CC)IServed Romance ]Served Ch. Rose Friends ISchwadz WilbGraca |Sisters ER "Rescue Me ' (S) News 1:35) Too~ght Show (S) (:37) Late Night (S) (CC) SCTV (CC) Whose? IWhose? Paid Prog Extra (CC) Rash Brid~es (S) (CC) MOV: *** The Terminator La Femme Nikita (S) Be a Millfona=re Pr~metime lhu~saayNews (CC)NigntfinePohticalty Seinfeld (1984)(S)(CC) Mart~n(CC) Martln(CC) Stngle Larroquette The Point (CC) Larry King Live (CC) INewsn~ght Greerffield IMoney!ine Larry King Lwe NFL 2Night INFL Football: Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Ch,efs (Live) (CC) J Sportscen er (CC) jSidelines Fresh Pr, JNBA Basketbafl: Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls (L~ve) News (CC) JCoach J Maltock (S) (CC) MOV: ** ~,;~ A View to a Kill (1985, Advenfure) Roger Moore (:05) MV * * ' Air America (1990) Mel Gibson MOV:***Prtvataaenjamin(1980. Comedy) IWonderYr [VVor~derYr 1700CI~b(CC) [Boss? IBoss? CNN Intemahonal I Sportscenfer (CC) Suddenly J Suddenly [12:10) Burly TV iRenker [Paid Prog TBS FA~ Char: Live i ii i i i SATURDAY Frosty |Frosty Figure Skating: World Ice challenge (S) (CC) News JC3~ l.ate Show (N) (SI (:37) fate Late Sho (S) Drew News*Lehrer Wgsh WkICotorado Wall StIMclaughhn Farndy Favorites . . Ch. Rose Dateline (N,) (S) (CC) Law & Order News ](35) Tomght Show (S) (:37) Late N~ght (S) (CC) Christian , , Funniest Home Videos Thieves "Pilot" (S) (CC) Once and Agmn (N) (S) News (CC! |Nighthne IF'ohtrcalb, ISein e d IPa,d Ping. Extra (CC) Rash Bridges (S) (CC) MOV: *** Beverly Hills Cop (1984. Drama), (CC) MOV *** Crimson Tide {1995) Denzel Washington. (S) (CC) Deep Diver The Point (CC) Larry King Live (CC) INewsnight Gre'enfiek~ ]Moneyline Larn/ King Live CNN International College Football MAC Champ. -- Teams TeAISportscenler (CC) NFL JD,,H Sportscanter (CC) MOV: ** Commando (1985, Adventure) (S) (CC) News (S) {CC) Ih', the HL, at of the N~ghI MaUock "The Neh.vork" Suddenly ISuddenly MOV: ** Fire Down Below (1997, Drama) MOV Inv ncible (2001. Achl>n) ~3~!lyZane MOV: * Lady Dragon (1992) Cynthia Rothrock. in Conce. From the MGM rond Wooder r po,,deS, t,0 Club Boss? IBoss I aidPmg pa,d Pro. DECEMBER 1 KBSO KRMA KSNG Today (N) (S) (CC) KUPK Coral Ridge Ministl USA C~ (6:00) Sunday Momin ESI~ WGN Nightman (S) (CC) TBS MOV: *** The Thrill of C~ FAN SUNDAY [12:OO) NFL Football: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins. (CC) To Be Announced (11:30) Joseph Campbell and the Kurt Browning's Gotta Dance. (S) 3ot1': Father/Son Challenge. (S Live) (CC) ISU Grand Prix Series VIOV: *** The Terminator (1984) (S) (CC) ! Man (1987) (S) Late Edition Primetime CNN Presents (CC) Win. Basketball (12:00) MOV: **Yz Honey, I Blew UI MOV: ** 3 Ninjaa (1992, (12:15) MOV: **.* Midnight Run (1988) MOV: .** Fire Down Below (1997, Drama) MO~': Richia Rich'$ Christmas Wish Jack Frost Santa Claus SUNDAY MOV: **'* The M~k MOV: Must Be Santa KBSD Max Bickford MOV: Jack and tha Baanst~lk: CY~ KRMA Barbara Sher's Live the Life You Love |(:20) Barbara Sher's Map to Success i Environments. Road to Wealth (CC) @ KSNG (6:00) : Prince of Egypt Law and OrderIUC: Undercover (S) (:05) V.I.P. (S) (CC) (~ KUPK 6:00) : Br an s Song ) AI as "T me Will Tell" (S JPractice (N) (S) CC USA Blade IMOV: ***'/~ Indiana Jones and the L~st Crusade (1989) (S) Law & Order JAG "War Stories" (CC) CNN wo, B,,=ar [Peopie JLarry Kin~ Weekend Iworld in Crisis CNN Presents Latin/ i Weekend (~) ESPN NFL INFL Football: Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ors. (Live) (CC) Sportscenter (CC) INFL Primelime (CC) (_~ WGN Andromeda (N) (S) (CC) ] Earth: Final Conflict (S) In the Heat of the Hi Matlock (S) (Part 1 of 2) (j0~ TBS MOV: **V~ Moat Wanted (1997, Suspense) MOV: ** Sniper (1993, Drama (1988), L~ F~ MOV: ** * Miracle on 34th Street (1994) (CC) MOV: MONDAY DECEM a wic mar! in raised 7 AMI 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AMI 10:30~tll AMI 11:30 J12 PMJ 12:30 (~ KRSD Saturday Early Show (N) Oswald Dora BiuesClues Little [~i~l .College Football: Army vs Navy (Live) (CC) m KRMA Psychology IPsycholegy, Workplace Workplace Quilt Painfi,~g Corr#ort Food Cooking @ KSNG (6:00) Today iS)(CC) Ebert Spor!show C.y Coys All Abe., Just o a, IC tv Goys Skate (CO) I,ns,de st fl Pa,d Prog JPaid Prog KUPK Teachers JUoyd Recess Recess Lizzie Even Mary Kate |Weekend Pooh |House College Football (Live) (~.) USA Paid Prog. JGo for It Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Single MOV: ** Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985, Comedy) (S) MOV: *** Roxanne0 (~) CNN Saturday/Morning People Satuiday Morning (~$~)ESPN Sportscenfer (CC) ,~ Sportscenter (CC) Sportsctr, , College Gameday (N) (CC) ''W~' Flirrffmpt. PatdPIo~: P~aProg. ~"PaidRtc