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March 22, 2001     The Johnson Pioneer
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March 22, 2001

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Page 4 - Thursday, March 22, 2001 J WEEKDAYS MARCH 22 THE JOHNSON PIONEER ii MARCH 281 SATUR r Show 700 Club and the Restless Sesame Street News Am eric......~a Laura The View Jrnett :tar ~ C.. Z --.-- Spar S,port scan,tar Sportscer ~scenter Tennis IV, aroline Pare....~ ~ In the He=....__~= Metlock New~ ~tfWorld Little House Little House Mama Matlock Hunter S MARCH 22- MARCH 28 im mmln ~ n ~ ! 1 I,. o 4 I': 0 ' I 1,. 0 ! C~) KBSD As the World Turns Guidin~ Li~ht Hatchett [Hetcheff opreh winfrar Nan ICBS News INewsIFronds I p uAivariedProgra s Bakir~ ICaprial Cookin~Hawaii Weir ICaillOu [C'rdI IDrs~ IBusiness i K OaysotOo, L, os Passions d,lon ,, LTe,,T th Pam Feud INews INBCNows INews IF"une t @ KUPK One Life to Live General Hospifa= Ho.,p.:.~ =Jud~ J~ly Ros*e O'Donnp,il INews , IABC News ]News ISeinle ,I r!-2~ .... usa Movie Cont'd Baywatch Walker, Texas Ranger [Walker, Texas Ran?at l JAG | .? NN CNNTo, y:Co t'd JTa,kbsckU,e *sS,to IMoneY"neNewshoor Ic'o"re I Tenms Cont'd IVaried Pronto'ms ]Up Close Sportsoantar Vaded Pro~rems I ~> WGN Changelstre , IcosbyICosbyFern. Met. 'C,ue,,se ,thHeaven Fol, Houss IFreshPr. Fern. Met. Isu, ,y ! TBS Movie Cosby Co. . Fu,,House IFu,,Hou. Rossanne IRoseenne FreshPr. IFreshPr. I @ F~ Candy IKids JAngela lAd(ares a, oosebmp 'e~ Wo, S C,ub, ITwo-Kind "two-Kind 'lBoss?, reded Programs I, Natural Remedies Fact or fiction? Learn for yourself the facts about "natural" products. Will they enhance your doctor's treatment pro- gram or work against it? Is the source reliable? Are the products pure or contaminated? Find out for yourself. Re- search the facts in the Review of Natur l Prodl, lcts at the Stanton County Library_ compliments of Action Associates, a Physical Therapy Service, located at 116 South Main Street in Johnson, 316-492-2582. [ THURSDAY MARCH 22 i MOV: *!~z Doomsday Rock (1997, Suspense) I , Edition (S)Children's Hospital I~'~ [SPt, Skat~g: Worid Champ.-- Men's &t~aCfies' Sffoa IBaseball ISportscer~er (CC) ]Baseba, Isportsctr ISportscen er CC) t,| I'C,~ "WGNIMov:**v,S~-~uil(t9~9)Me~y/St~ep.(S) INews(S)(CC) JinlheHeeto, theNipt IMat~k"T~Moth-r" ISu~en~ Ica,o,,n,"l I~ '~Sl{:05) MOV: **%, Mar= Attltckat (1996) Jack N/cho/son. ,,J,(:35) MOV: ,**'/= Mr. NiOll Guy (1997, Comedy) h:3s) Mov: *** The T,,~n Re==,, I F lMov: esp"a's'i'ca"(: 0oo, su"nse)(s) I'OOC'u0(CC) I ose? ,Iso--? IRenke, IPaidP' " I I I I I [ II I1|111 II t SATURDAY MARCH 24 I 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AMI 11:30 !12 PMi':I2:30 9 AM Little Bear Little Bill FranklinKipper Road to the Final Four Colie~a Basketball (CC) Quilt Cut Up Katzen Dish It Upt Lidia Hawaii Garden JMexico Hang Time One World ~ity Guys Just Deal City Guys Inside Stuff Battle Dome Lloyd Buzz Light [eacbars Dou~l (CC) Pooh House NHL Hockey (LNa) (CC) Pacific Blue (S) (CC) ~MOV:. ** Wild Juafic (1993. Drama) Roy Scheider, Patricia Mi//arde~ (S) Showbiz He SaidTravel Now CNN Saturday (CC) Isci oa Life (CC) Sportscenter (CC) Women's Colie~e Basketball Paid Pro~. Paid Pro~. Paid Prog IPeld Soul Train (S) ]Earth: Final Conflict (S) Rtple),'-BalieveHunter MOV: **~ She Wore Ye/Iow Ribl~ (1949) St K= I.Tote, SC.ub7 IB Wo, We,rd, . IE,?amont lza,,,F,ie, MARCH 24 7 AM I 7:30 8 AM 8:30 ii ~.,~~ KBSD Satu,day Early Show (N) BluesClues Dora ~ KBMA Wet=d-Art IMosic Arthur Painting (!t) KSNG (6:0o) Today (S) (CC) Paid Prog. Sportshow ~; KUPK Sabr;na IWee*end Recess Recess (~) USA Paid,Pro9. lPaidPro~, P,..!dPro~. PaidPro~. ~) CNN Satu,r,day Morning :~) ESPN! S~rtscentar (co) apiece.tar (co), Farm Rpt. Paid Pro~. Paid Pro~. Paid Prowl. "TBS Faro Mat. Faro. Mat. Faro. Mat. Faro. Mat. [f~ F~ Kids Angela Two-KindPretenders III I SATURDAY mm|mml||Ii|||lB|||||||||||||| p in Nsu I I I I I I I I We I I I I The I I- '="=='="=11 I i I I I I I ~IIINII We Need Your Help! The Future Of The TV Schedule Is In Your Hands! Please call or write us with your comments. will discontinue the TV Schedule if there is not enough response to continue it. u Call 492-6244 or Write to: I I Johnson Pioneer, P.O. Box 10, Johnson, KS 67855 or u . I stop by or use our drop box at 103 N. Mann. I IIIIIinImIIIIUIiIIUiIiiiiiii~ Publication Number (UPSP 276-440) Subscription Rates: $16.94 per year in Stanton County. $19.06 per year elsewhere. Payable in advance, tax included. Periodicals Postage Paid at Johnson, KS 67855. Published weekly, every Thursday. Subscribers are requested to provide im- mediate notice of change of address. POSTMASTER: Send address changes The Jhnsn Pineer l [ P.O. Box 10, I Ronda Ford Johnson, KS 67855. i A deduction of one week from the expi- | Editor [ ration of a subscription will be madel Publisher I where a change of address is provided ! I through the Postal Service. l JOHNSON,I DAY MAR KBS~ Kate Brsshr "Jackson" (:05) MOV: ** Deadly Breed ~M,i~ MOv: ,***,/r North ' Grant. KS~ XFL Football: Las ) (CC) KUPK Total~ Outran, eou Star Trek: Deep Space 9 JPa ~SA (6:00) MOV: ** Mimic() MOV: * Komodo i (S) (CC) IFarmctub,com (S) (CC) C~ Toni~tITake Fly Larr~ Kin~ Weekend. (N) ~t (CC) World Beat Moneyline ~) ES~N wom.n's college Basketbal, .Basketball ISportsctr. [Women's Colt WG~ MOV: ** TIme'Runne (1992) Mark Hamill. {S) (CC) ..... IDa MOV: **' Lock Up (1989) SyNaster Sti TBS C:05) MOV: *** McUntockl (1963, Western) John Wayne. l(9:50) MOV: *** Th Cowboys (1972, Western) John .*. "... sey ..-- (,.. ..n,, re) sean (S, P. SUNDAY MARl 7 AM! 7:30 I' AMI 8:30 ""1 i,o AMI10:30 111 AMJ11:3o 112 (~ KBS0 Paid Pro~l. it Is written Sur',dal/Momin~ (N) (CO) Nation Entertainers (S) Skiin~ (CO) Skiin~((~ -,-~o.o1,.o-o1,.- JPower IAr~ur ]Arthur JRailwa~,Adventuras Ioo,,.w-.,,,~, Ic,o~ ,N)(s)(co) IM..tthe"ree. (s) (co) I"" (co) IPaid P.. IYoor S,bie IPeid Pro9 INBA Basketball: San Antonio S"I:~J~ K~Pt( core, R~, Hour IKenneth C. ]Parsiey IHour of Power (S) (CC) IThis Week (N)(CC) IFirst United Msthodist I Fig~'/e ~J (~ USA Tee It UpI Get Golf I: The Return of Hunter: Every/one Walkl in LA., IMOV" In the U~e of O. ut~/." A Cop for the Kiiling I ,~MOV"~"- C~ Sunday Morning INBA Wk. IEvans ISources Late Edition (CC) J Greatest INs, Is.o,,,=,.,.,(cc) IR.ort.,, IUnes ISports~nter(cc! L,e ITenn ,.,. J ~) WG~ Bozo, Super Sunda}t IFm, Met. Clueless JMelibu, CA IParent IParentI Fresh Pr. Baastmaster (S) (CC) I Lost,,W0~W TBS (4:55) MOV: The Almo (1960) MOV: **** Tl~ Quiet Mira (1952, Drama) John Wayne. (:15) MOV: ***% Troa Grit (~9~/~ Mons,er IMo,.,er IF,in, Io' 'mon-Io " on Iz'= 'ies IB Wo" WeirdScL i womoo, I a' J SUNDAY KBS KRU El Pomar: 1999 Awards ~) PGA Golf: The Players Championship - Final Round. (S Live) (CC) KUPI( e Skating: World Championships. ILPGA Golf: Nabisco Championshil: ~)I~ (12:,OO) : Summer-FNr IMOV: & Ni~l~tmase Coat True (1997, Drama) (S) iaov: After th Storm (2001) Armand Assent. C wor.,R ort(cc) ISho = IworldBaatlsund, r I' IONNS ,(CO) Tennis: Ericsson Open ICheedeadin~l II : NHRA IBas )ball ~ Ni~htman (S)(CC) IMOV: ** The Manhattan Pro eat (1~ Xe~a: Warnor Princess (11 : 15) MOV: True Grit I MOV: * ** The Son of Katie Elder MOV: * * FAN MOV: ** North (1994) Elijah Wood. (S) MOV: * Clifford Martin Short. ( MOV: ** SUNDAY MA MOV: *** Executive ~ton (1996, Suspense) KurtRussell. Nature (S) (CC), (5:30) NBA Basketball MOV: *** Homicide: The Movie (2000, [ f Awards (S Live) (CC) (2) U~I MOV: ~ Death Wlh II (1982) Cha#es Bronson. Law & Order i Lear" (S) (CC) a Famine Niklta (S) Metlock (S) (Part 1 of 2) St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars. (Liv) (CC) Earth: Finl Conflict (S) 1B$I Jako (1971) John MOV: ** Rio Lobe (i~ PAIIIMOV: **,* Hot Shot=l Part Deux (1993) (S) MOV: ** Oh, Heevanr Sportscenter (CC) MOV: (S) News-Lehrer Anttquea Roadhow (N) Croc. Hunter First Years (N) (S) (CC) Third Watch (S) MOV: South Pacific (2001, Musical} Glenn Close. (Premiere) (~) (C( Nash Bridges (S) (ca ;) IMOV: ** Nolhin~l to L011,(1,997, ( :orn, Scariest Pieces on Earth Providence (S) (CC) Late Show (S) (S) (CC) (:37) Late (:37) Late L~ Famine Nikita (S) 7oo cnub (cc) TUESDAY M News-Lehrer Deed Sea: Naked Planet Nova "Survivor MD" (:35) Late Show (S) {:37) Be a MillK)neire MOV: **~ Bluet )NickNoite. Basketball: NIT Semifinal -. Tams to Be Announced. MOV: ** Vani~ht~lI Act (1986) Mike Farm//. In the Heat of th, IB.-~INBA Basketball: Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat. (Live HUll Scariest Places on Earth Edition (S) Club (CC) L& Famine N~kita (S) l Live Matlock "The Madam" Datyl Hannah. ' PM { 7"30. 8 PM, ,,J 8"30. J 9 PM J 110 PMI 10'30 11 I PM 11:130 12 K~ BstFrnds TBA MOV:**Twll~ht(1998, M~stt~)PaulNewman. News (:35) LetShow(S) [:37) Late Late Sh~III I~ ~ New=-Lehre , Natlone Gao~-aphe ILIve From ~n Center: Puccinrs La Boh~e Ed(S1 (CC) we= win, (st (cc) Iu. & O~der (S) (CC) [News l(,35, t Tonight Show (S) l(-3z). L=e N~t (S~ _. Iw,,ose, rPo.lf,ce, , I o'.rtain IPa,d " Rash l~s (S) (CO) MOV: ~ to ~: ~ v_-~,,,-,, 2 (1~) IMartin (CC)IMartin (CC) La Femme tqikita (S) Istrip P~ waif B,i.., IT',Point (CCl rron , Is..IM ytine IToni Basket, Awards Hi~ ~ BIskeU~llf: McDonald's AH-Amerioan. ISPo.s .ter (cc) ~r,~ Madnss I Sport_~ MOV: ** A Vow to Kill (1995) Ju#anne Ph/~$. Newl (S) (CC)IIn the Heat of the Ni~t Matlock (S) (CC) I Sudde,~ We, Game (N) WCW Thunder , War Games ~1. Fa G.,etMapll,, Isoa'etP'ceson "= I'ooC (CC) Boss? IBo's? Proudly Introduces i " USD #452 Emplo Sally Trujillo Sally Trujillo is a Para-Educa- ITracy Travis tar for Hi Plains Educational Co- Dawn Tucker I TPacy Travis is Inter-Related operative and is SCMS cheer- Dawn Tucker teacher at the middle school. Her leader sponsor. She and her hue- grade at Johnson Grade and her husband, Jeff, have one band, Thomas, have one son, sponsor for Pom Pan, son, Taylor. She graduated from Treyton. Sally is a graduate of MS basketball, and co Emporia State University. Tracy SCHS and attended Pratt Cam- track. She and her husl reading. ' munity College. In her spare time, have four children, He Sally enjoys spending time with Shelly, and Tiffany. her son, reading, and supporting ated from OPSU and Trojan sports.. teaching for 11 reading and riding / 202 S. Main Johnson KS [