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February 20, 2003     The Johnson Pioneer
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February 20, 2003

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L - Thursday, Feb. 20, 2003 lout THE JUHNSON PIONEER :h Create Valentines At After School Fun Time Stanton CountyRecreation Line-Up Announced Leighton Grover. 3rdyears of age. There is a worrying about. Not to meeting, it will provi Landon Leiker. $10.00 activity fed plus mention that our school people with enough i li reek of 02-07-03 Kammie Herrick - tory History, Chemistry, Ac- ll-12Boys: let Ryan $1.00 range ball fee each impac;s our community formation to make an i l!,l AlgebraCY Adamsli - English PhysiCSsamantha Horton - RebeccaJessica PartOnpar_ton- Art_ Art, counting, Vocal, College Geisinger; 2nd Spencer class. Participants must in many different ways. I formed decision wh |! Michael Armstrong- Chemistry. CollegeAIge- Technology, English II, Algebra Walker;3rdKyleDimitt. have their own clubsam not going to think voting. Ih S History bra, U S i-iistory "U S History, Algebra II Stacey Wilkerson - Ac- 9- 1 0 Girls: 1 st Class size is limited, twice about voting in The forum will be h( lii Derya Bm-ton- Art & Danae Johnson- Psy- Eliana Ramos-Art counting, English IV, Cambree Stanton, 2ndStantonCounty Middle these coming elections, on Monday, Februa I!rt chology, Art Amy Richardson-Art Calculus, Physics Twila Smedley, 3rd School Gym will be open As a class project, afew 24th, 7:00 pm at t [ Jessica Bezon - AI- Sam Josserand - En- Taisha Santoya- Art Trent Wilkerson - Gylee Martin. on Tuesdays, Wednes- members of the govern- Stanton County Seni I:. bra I, Current Social glish II, Algebra IIBret Seger-Chemistry, Chemistry, U S History, i 1-12 Girls: lstTiffany days, and Thursdays Tent class, yours truly Center. Hope to see y, i, isues Charles Keen - Psy- Welding DesktopDesign, College Gasseling; 2nd mornings for walking included, are going to a there. |!, CatlinBurkettCrist-chology RustinSeger-Current Algebra MaKenzie Droste; 3rd and basketball play. Gym Pub'ieatio' It:alculus Angle Kempke- Tech-Social Issues Michael Williamson - Megan Wilson. will be open from 6:00 I I1 |' Brent Campbell - Tech nology, Art Adam Sierra- Psychol- Calculus Be sure to attend the a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Clara Winger - Alge- high school basketball Adult weight lifting is (First published in THE JOHNSON PIONEER on Thursday, [']i'rep' Algebra IKelli Casey - Psychol- ClintKatie Kempke- ArtKendrick_ Tech- Ogysofia Sierra- Artbra I, Current Social Is- game on February available at these 13th dayol February, 2003.)3T l igY, Art nology, Chemistry, Col- Josh Smith- Vocal sues,An The SCR Junior Cheer- times: Open mornings - RESOLUTION NO. 2003-02 / Trent Catlett - Art lege Algebra Abel Tarin - Art Liz Winger - Vocal, leaders will be perform- Tuesday & Fridays 5:00 Art & Art ing, under the instruction to 6:00 a.m. - Phil Baker A RESOLUTION OF STANTON COUNTY. SAS : Alia Collingwood - Josh Kendrick - TechWhitney Teeter - Art , 'deal Prep, Algebra I Leah Thompson - Tech Casey Cook - Algebra , -Robert Lascano - Tech- Prep, Algebra I :, Current Social Issues nology Crystal Vega - Art Mario Cordova - Liz Lasman - Art Shannon Walker - U S ! ,hysics, Geometry Jordan Leiker - Chem- istry, U S History Dahon Loader - En- glish H Hannah Lorenson - Geometry Calen Lucas - English II, Algebra I1 Jessalyn Wolf- Tech Prep, Algebra I Matt Woods - Cabinets Tessa Zysset - Tech- nology, Desktop Design, Art GCCC Lists Honor Rolls Garden City Commu- low. nity College hag released President's Honor Roll: honor rolls from the re- Stacey M. Case of cent Fall 2002 semester. Johnson "Our mission is to pro- Pitch party will be held vide a wide range of rec- on Saturday, March 8, at reational activities to of- 7:00 p.m. Play will be at fer the general public, the SCRActivity' Kclmmie with the intention of pro- Please bring a friend and 1 viding a healthier way of a snack, lot of work to prepare look al life for both body and Stanton County Recre-This week I will take a school board candidal age w mind.' . ation is now taking sign break from my regular forum. Why is this in . or p Stanton County Recre- up for summer ball. You column and discuss the portant? For one thin l tocon ation hosted the Hot Shot can get a registrationimportance of participat- this forum will give the Competition for youth form at the SCRoffice ot ing in the voting process, community members lala a( ages 9 to 12 on Wednes- from any school office. In a couple weeks wechance to learn bv, day, February 12.Thetop Deadline will be Friday, have primary for school these candidates wantt agemI 2 places are eligible to April 18, 2003. board elections. At first, accomplish in our sch D) Nc compete at the regional SCR is now taking I didn't think this ,mat- district. This will De competition at Sublette, signup for Junior Golf. tered much to me. I m a moderated forum i u'hureI held Sunday February Damon Anderson, senior this year, so when which questions ha rRes,, 16. Top three places in Southwind Golf Pro, will I graduate, I m out of been previously subrn he each category are as fol- be the instructor. This here. But actually that's ted by community mer rron l lows: class .will be held on not the case. I have a 6ers.Althoughque 9-10 Boys: let James Mondays-May5, 12and younger sister whosewill not be asked Burkett-Crist; 2nd 19. You must be 7 to 12 education I should be the public during Rolla, and Moscow., or fax WHEREAS, the Board ofCounty Commissioners Games will begin at 9:00 492-2174. Hours are 8 to =Board") of Stanton County, Kansas (the ~County") hereby , Selia Garcia Megan McEIroy - Full-time students en- " Dean's Honor Roll: iknatomy, English IV, Physics rolled in eight or more JessicaBitnerofManter. a.m Games will be held 12 and 1 to 5 Monday mines that it is necessary and desirable to eonstruct, equip ,, 'hysics, Vocal Ryan McElroy - En-credit hours qualified for Honorable Mention"at all three gyms throu h Frida furnish a ten-unit, single-story assisted living home for the " g Y" the County (the Project"). and to issue ganen d obli, lation bc i Kelli Garrison glishlI, AlgebralI the Prestdent's Honor" Stacy Bupp, Tracie *** theCounty, in an amount not to exceed $900,OO0, inorderto iMmtomy, U S History, Jcraca Milligan -Roll if they attained a Kirkland and Diane Aehildmlsedueatedisaehildlost. .... a portion of the costs of the Project: and -.-,Jonn !~; ltenneay %rt Graphic Arts, Art perfect grade point aver- Spencer, allof Johnson *** " i, Andrew German - Manuel Montelongo -age of 4.0 on a four point h ' ........ " "'" ,r ' '' ' ' " h WHEREAS. the Board desires tosubmit tothe alectot [echnology, Accounting, Current Social Issues scale; the Dean s Honor H We're not Just an Insurance company. !! theCuntytheque Stin|issuingsuchgenralbligatin b l nglish II, Algebra II Richel Moore - Art Roll ffthey earned a GPA" II , nn ;" IIfor the purpose aforesatd: and " ., Ashley Godfrey - AbramNelson-Chem- of 3.2 to 3.999; or the 11 allll re414 I1 WHEREAS, it is expected that the remalning eosts of l,hemistry, Desktop De- istry Honorable Mention List II l[ Project will be paid by a pdvate donation in the amount of app mately $800,000, and that the total cost of theProject will be i;ign, U S History Carissa Nelson ' Cur- if they completed the II Ii proximately $1,700,000. . i Leslie Godfrey- Tech rent Social Issues, Art term with a GPA of 3.0 II II ?rep .-, . Eve Nelson - Chemis- to 3.199. . ]l , ' .... " II NOW. THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOAR[ bonia tJonzales - Art try, U S History Students on each of the II As Kansas largest farm organization, the farmers and ranchers of |J COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF'STANTON COUNTY, KAN James Hatawav - En- Melissa Pacheco Art three rolls are listed be- I| Farm Bureau recognize the importance of this state's land, II Section 1. The Board hereby finds and determines it ! lish II " "Finley Parks - Chemis- II water, air, wildlife and endangered species. II necessary and desirable to authorize the construction, equil "Jeff Hataway - Art try, Accounting, U S His- - .*** II We're dedicated to improving the quality of life in Kansas. || and furnishing of a ten-unit, single-story assisted living hor School Menus Released .o =.. .,.o ,s o.,,ed .... || the aged (the =Project"), to be located immediately adjacentl doing a very difficult II The Farmers and Ranchers of Farm Bureau. II County's existing senior center The Board hereby further rag, an,/riding it very II ..... ..- .....World" II and determines it to be necessary to provide financing k well, ever loses his self- "|[ Helping t-eeo [he w~ II tion of the costs of the Project by the issuance of genera yogurt, juice, milk. respect II 620-492-6260 II tion bonds of the County, in an amount which shall not Soup & Salad bar ev- Lunch ' Hoagies, potato George Bernard 11 For more information on the benefits of being a Farm Bureau 11 $900.000, pursuant to the authodty of K.S.A. , ryday for MS & HS. chips, fruit, milk. Shaw member, contact your County Farm Bureau Association." Thurs., Feb. 20,- 1"ues., Feb. 25 - Break- **" ' ' Breakfast - Cook S fast - French toast, san- choice. Lunch-Sloppysage patty, fruit, milk. Joes, fruit, reg., milk. Lunch. Lasagna, French Fri,, Feb, 21- Break- bread, veg., fruit, milk. "k'k Public Notice ** fast - Breakfast combos, Wed., Feb. 26 - Break. toast, fruit, milk. Lunch fast . Ham patty' hash - Chili, cinnamon rolls, browns, toast, fruit, milk. peaches, veg., milk. Lunch - Steak fingers, Southwest Kansas " Men., Feb. 24 - mashed potatoes, gravy, " Groundwater Management District Breakfast' Cereal, toast, veg, fruit, roll, milk. [i&m binn .... ..... I iUilIH[g 28thAnnual Meeting l[If ll . . February 26, 2003 I ....... 21vw th 0 i, Ag Budding, 810 Stadium, Liberal, Kansas [ lg "el 10:00 a.m. l iOi 24'" Candidatesforelectionareasfollows." Welcometo thefast lane. Meade County: Warren Fox amended and supplemented. Section 2. The Board hereby further finds and deten~i~ I~e it to be necessary to submit the question of issuing such g~p~e anc obligation bonds to the electors of the Co0nty" , and does iv~[l~" ~_arn'~l< request the Stanton County. Kansas Election Officer. to give| ~ " ,,~11 tVlt[ID tice of and to hold a bond election in the County in conlur~lk Y with the general election on Tuesday. April 1. 2003, in aoc0rd~ gradu~ with the provisions of the general bond law and K.S.A. 19-~p~.5. "for the purpose of submitting to the electors of the CountY~.~O~ S! following proposition; L.F~ Shall Stanton County, Kansas, issue General ObLF ]}%a~m:h gation Bonds of the County, in a total pdncipal ~rlax. _$( amount of not to exceed $900.000, to be used along ~+Chann a ox metaly $80o,ooo expec - by private donation, for the purpose ot paying me, [51.Oq;~L,: .-'v/n~ $1,700.000 total estimated costs of constructing, [100.);~" equipping and furnishing a ten-unit, single-story as: [ - " ~ ~ -~ sisted living home for the aged, including site wo~ I ~(3~"r parking and'other necessary improvements, to be i HOT] located immediately adjacent to the existing Stanton L M County Senior Center, all pursuant to K.S.A. 19-2106 IK?. 1.[O1~ et seq., as amended and supplemented.|A L~ ~'" Section 3. The Board hereby further finds and detell~t995,~1ps,''' 35 tha! the proposition of issuing said general obligation b~r~i~-~.3. ce hs be submitted to the qualified electors of the County at sald.!~'Jc.e: lie election; that the vote at said bond election shall be by/bal~~ba ~. ~lifcsi ,,,, ~o ~oo, .,de, on s,,, be con,~,, ~ ~o ~=,oo~, ?'~' Kansas Election Officer. The aforesaid proposition shall be !~ .3 ~ i on the ballot, together ~ voting instructions as redul~ ! $82(~ You can now renew tags online Or on the pli0ne. A new service from the Kansas Division 0f Motor Vehicles. w,, .ksweb Toll-free 1- 664kstags 1457-8247) Morton County: Wayne Breeding Seward County: Kent Dunn Stevens County: Shannon Crawford Industrial: Jack Sizemore ,Thomas Ford All voting ballots must be pre-registered with the District Office by 5.00 p,m., February 21, 2003 For additional information call: (620) 275-7147 law. Ice Pricil Section 4. The Board hereby further finds and de~.~'~ C-- that notice of said bond election shall be given by publica ~tJ~, i' NIT1 p _*iP', IOl~Cg Notice of Bond Election in the County's official newsp ,a~,~ L " ; each week for three (3) consecutiva weeks with the last I~'y, $829 tion thereof to be not less than seven (7) days prior to the ~ ! 1lists the bond election, and that the polls shall open at 7:0~ 0] (~al] Rev A.M. and shall close at 7:00 o'clock P.M. on Tuesday, Apdl l,~trea ""~ the date of the bond election: and the polling places in ths ~ .~"~.. shall be as set out in the Notice of Bond Election to be as aforesaid. " l.~::tY. ~ section 5. This Reso, ution sha,, tak effect and l b" force f,om and the of its adoptio, n,;itod. ADOPTED AND APPROVED by the Board of .C~800:.5~ missioners of Stanton County, Kansas, on February 3, 2~3 ~-" ue BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIO~ ' " STANTON COUNTY. K/~ ,(30VE By /s/Ma~No~v'~ Martie Floyd. ~: lraini: t. For ,~ IS/Sharon Dimitt ~". :g 800. Sharon Dimitt, County Clerk [357 8~ i ! L Armando De La Pena Art Mallory Dimitt - "ech Prep, Spanish I, AI- ,ebra I ,, Julie Daniels - Vocal, sychology THORIZING THE CALLING OF A BOND ELECTION TO of Ashley Richardson is the supervisor. IN THE COUNTY IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE and Jessica Parton. Women's weight lifting ELECTION ON TUESDAY, APRIL 1,2003. FORTHE Saturday, March 1 st is Mondays, Wednesdays OF SUBMITTING TO THE QUALIFIED ELECTORS OF~ Stanton County Recre- and Fridays 5:45 to 6:30 COUNTYTHE PROPOSITION OF ISSUING GE TION BONDS OF THE COUNTY iN AN AMOUNT NOT TO I ation will be hosting the p.m. Shirley Brown is the CEED $900.000 FOR THE PURPOSE OF PAYIN 6th grade tournamenL supervisor. No one under OFTHE COSTSOF BUILDING, EQUIPPINGAND F Boys and girls teams 18 is allowed and no chil- AN ASSISTED LIVING HOME.FOR THE AGED; from these towns will be dren or |nfants in the ING FORTHEGIVINGOFNOTI competing: Lakin, weight room. WHEREAS. K.S.A. 19-2106 et seq.. as amended Sublette, Satanta, Leoti, Please feel free to con- supplemented, authonzes the establishment of a home S.W. Heights, Hugoton, tact SCR at 492-2101, aged:and